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Review: The Flawed Series Box Set

The Flawed Series Box Set The Flawed Series Box Set by Becca J. Campbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Empath (Flawed, #1) - Growing up isolated from the outside world because of a gift/curse that Jade has no control over had to have been hard, especially when she finally goes out on her own into the real world. She starts to learn things about herself that she would've never known if she wouldn't have gotten out of the isolation of her protective parents. She finally meets Logan who can control his own feelings to where Jade is able to feel her own, only to be left alone all over again. She finds Cam, Josh, and Chloe Schuyler, siblings that aren't hard to be around, and clings to their emotions when things around her get too overwhelming, but soon finds that, although out of her control, those emotions are slowly becoming her own. She is confused and unsure about anything until she is in danger and the one person that she knows can help her comes to her rescue. Becca Campbell did an amazing job with this story, making me feel as though I was right there with them, can't wait for more.

Constricted (Flawed #1.5) - I do have to say, first definitely have to read the first book in this series to understand what is going on in this one. I feel for Logan and his predicament that he has put himself into. He runs from his past and starts to run from his future as well. He is a smart man just confused about things. Finally able to confront his past but unsure how to go about it. Then he is faced with yet another problem that he is a bit afraid to confront but really wants to. Becca Campbell did an awesome job bringing this book to life and making me want more.

Outsider (Flawed, #2) - Ethan now Nic very creepy. This series keeps getting better with every book and very suspenseful. Josh has been my favorite in this series so far with his quiet, shy nature. All he wants is to be special but what he doesn't realize is he is special just the way he is. Things change for him and he finally feels he has a purpose until he starts ousting those that he holds dear. Then when the unexpected happens and he is faced with cold hard reality he realizes all he wants is for his family and friends to be safe and happy. There is so much love and friendship in this whole series. Becca Campbell really pulled me in and hasn't let me go yet. I can't wait to read more in this series.

Protector (Flawed, #3) - Logan and Jade are 2 of my favorite characters in this series. They have a chemistry together that is endless. Logan always the protector and Jade always loving and caring, wanting to help those in need whenever she can. When things start coming together only to almost fall apart again, these two work together and take charge with help from a very quiet and very scared patient, Hugh, and his light, Kelsey. Becca Campbell really pulls everything together in this story and pulled me farther into the series. I can't wait to read more.

The Father Hunt (Flawed #3.5) - As with the rest of this series this book has some mystery to be solved and secrets brought to light. Graham and Violet set out to solve the mystery of who his father is on their yearly vacation and what they find out is so very shocking. Becca Campbell really knows how to suck you into her world and keep you there wanting for more.

Enchanter (Flawed, #4) - Talk about bittersweet, this book has it all. Violet on a very scary rampage, Jade in emotional turmoil, and Logan is wrapped up in it all, leading to one crazy ride that grabs your attention from the start. With the help of Chloe and Graham, Jade starts moving with her abilities and emotions instead of against them. Becca Campbell has won me over with the very first book of this series and I haven't looked back since.

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