Saturday, June 24, 2017

Review: Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Books 1-3

Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Books 1-3 Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Books 1-3 by Linsey Hall
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Ancient Magic – Waking up in the middle of nowhere with no memories except a few words among two other girls that you have no memory of would be horrifying in itself. Then to figure out you have powers that are forbidden would definitely make me want to run and hide. Cass, Nix, and Del become very strong women/sisters in a world that is strange and confusing to them in the beginning then when things start to take a turn and Aidan (The Origin himself) shows up things get even rockier. Cass and Aidan make a team to be reckoned with once Cass finally lets go even for a small amount of time. Linsey Hall grabbed me with The Mythean Arcana series and holds on tight with this one. I can't wait to read more of this series.

Mirror Mage – Nightmares of a past that she can't remember and when those nightmares become her present reality things get scarier than before. Del, Nix, Cass, Aiden, Conner, and Claire all come together to help save one little girl while Del, Nix, and Cass try to keep their secret. Things come to light but more things stay in mystery. Aiden and Cass start discovering each other more and more. Secrets can keep you safe but they can also get you captured, as Cass finds out quickly. The monster is lurking and the women want to find and destroy him. Linsey Hall keeps pulling me in deeper with this second book of the Dragon's Gift series.

Stolen Magic – I couldn't imagine losing 15 years of my memory and then very slowly getting it back. That, to me, would be torture in itself. Aiden, Cass, Nix, and Del make one heck of a team when they work together. Now on a mission to save the world the sisters find themselves piecing together not only their past but possibly the reason what the Monster is up to. Aiden and Cass start getting closer to each other and opening up to each other more. Linsey Hall has caught me in her web of words and hasn't let go yet. I can't wait for more in this series.

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