Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sharpen the Blade by C.J. Ellisson

Sharpen the Blade by C.J. Ellisson

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Book Description:

Vivian’s enemies are gaining strength and making plans—plans she’s determined to stop. Our master vampire returns to Alaska to uncover valuable information she’s hidden for centuries. And while they’re home, Rafe and Jon hone skills they’ll need before tracking down the only vampires who might stand with them: Vivian’s previous turns.

Before the trio leaves, a magical ward of protection around the resort will be laid, a new arrival discovers long-lost family, and an alpha werewolf must master an ability that could change pack relations forever. Sounds doable, right? Until a plane crashes, filled with people Vivian has sworn to protect.

Journey along on this next installment of the V V Inn—where those we trust are tested and not all of them will survive.


The early reviews have been favorable so far, which I'm incredibly grateful for! Thank you!
And to further thank my readers, I'll be holding a Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway in early May for everyone whose had a chance to leave a review by then. Please be on the look out for the links in my next newsletter.

As always, HAPPY READING! It is my sincerest hope you enjoy the latest installment of the V V Inn adventures.  


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