Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall into the Symphony of Light Series by Renea Mason NOW

If you love Paranormal Romance, fall into the Symphony of Light series by Renea Mason NOW. 
Book 3 will be coming soon, so get caught up before release.

Available in ebook, audiobook, or print

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Have a small excerpt: 

"Excuse me, Mrs. Green?” The words slid like velvet from his tongue as he approached.

By some miracle, I managed to respond, “Yes?” My back to him, eyes closed. Michael, my late husband, convinced me I had concocted the man’s entire existence. I had always secretly hoped he was wrong, hating to think someone imaginary had affected me so deeply—that I was still in love with a dream. Wait, he called me by my married name? No one knew I was a widow.

“I’d like to introduce myself.” His words were almost a whisper, and so close his hot breath tickled my ear.

I turned to face him, trembling. Our eyes met, and the intensity nearly buckled my knees.

He extended his hand. “Morgan Peters.” Same blue eyes.

Deep breath. In slow motion, I slipped my hand into his. Electric, just as I remembered. A low voltage ran through my body. His touch simmered my blood and I worried my bones might turn to liquid. He was the nexus. My stare drifted to his hand, large and masculine, tightening around mine, then looked up into his wide, surprised eyes.

My tongue felt thick and dry from anxiety; beads of perspiration peppered my skin. I swallowed hard and exhaled. “It’s nice to meet you…Mr. Peters.” Cyril Aristin was the man I watched die, not Morgan Peters.


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