Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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How about a snippet...

The dragon turned his head. “Be careful, my friend. My brethren will soon be setting this place on fire.” Caleb’s cerulean body shimmered as he shifted back to human form.
“Have you found your mate yet?” Marcus asked as he searched the adjoining room. Empty.
“Not yet, you?”
He stepped beside his friend. “I killed her.”
Caleb laid a hand on his shoulder. “I am sorry, my friend. Drayos will die this day for what he has done.”
Marcus nodded and moved forward in his search for the demon Drayos. He opened up the psychic path leading to his prince. Aidyn.
'Marcus, did you find my sister?'
He closed his eyes, so many hearts broken today. 'She is dead, I am sorry, my lord.'
'I will kill Drayos with my bare hands.'

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