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Quarterback Sneak by Bianca Dean
Publication Date: 30 April 2014

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Quarterback Sneak Cover


What happens when a chance encounter thrusts two very different people from very different backgrounds together? The school is going crazy with Celt Fever, and Alceo Russell is right in the middle of it. He’s on his way to leading his Division I football team to a national title, but something is missing, and to keep his head in the game, he needs to find it. Shy and timid Galynn Pierce is just trying to survive college. Always in the background and always unnoticed Galynn can’t fathom how her life is about to change.

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Quarterback Sneak Excerpts

Excerpt 1

He could tell she didn’t like her body by the way she carried herself. She wasn’t like all the others who he’d been with. They, nameless and faceless girls one after another felt like they were conquering him. They stripped in front of him, bearing it all, not offering any hint of tease or surprise. They never wanted to leave anything to the imagination.
But Galynn, she was different. He could tell she preferred to leave everything in the mind of her beholders. How could she not be taken? Her innocent nature and timidity were so refreshing and shockingly enough to Alceo, a turn on. 

Excerpt 2

They sat smiling at each other. Galynn could feel the silence starting to smother her. “Well, thanks so much, but I guess I should get going.”
“You’re staying here tonight.” There was that tone again.
“What? Why?”
Alceo rubbed his head and looked out the window. “Uh, I don’t know if you noticed, but there's like two feet of snow outside.”
“Oh,” Galynn said as she craned her neck to look out the window.
“Yea.” Galynn noticed he didn’t look at her. “You’re staying here.”
Galynn glanced at the bed, and panic crept into her chest. “Stay here? What do you mean stay here?” She wouldn’t admit it, but her voice cracked.
“You have no place to go and if you did, it’s not like you can get there now. I will sleep on the floor.”
“Are you sure?” she asked nervously.
“I wouldn’t have asked if I weren't sure. Don’t look so scared.”
“I'm not scared,” Galynn said defensively. “I just don’t sleep in the beds of men that I’ve just met.”
“Right,” he said as he eyed her.
He reached to grab a pillow off the bed, and Galynn jumped. “See, I think you're scared of me.”
“Why the hell would I be scared of you?” Galynn pointed her chin up in the air as if to make her point. She felt like she had something to prove. Like she wasn't as affected by him as she let on. She wasn't going a very good job.
Alceo dropped to his knees if front of her and dropped his pillow to the floor.
“You ever play that game as a kid where someone holds their hand over your body getting closer and closer to the places you want them to touch, and they ask if you're getting nervous?”
“Yea. So?” Galynn could taste her heart beating in her mouth.
“I bet you wouldn’t last two minutes,” he said with a grin.
“Of course I could. I would last longer than you.” She couldn’t stop the words from falling from her lips, but she couldn’t take them back now. Why was she doing this? Why was she letting him bait her like this? Was it because he wrote her paper for him – was this what he wanted in return? She would have asked, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.
Or maybe he just got off on making girls uncomfortable. Maybe this was some sort of sick joke, and there was a camera hidden somewhere in the room. Maybe this could be a lot of things, but Galynn wanted it. She knew she shouldn’t and knew she would probably get hurt, but just a small part of her wanted to live a little.
Galynn always played the part of the conservative sweet girl. She should have gotten up and run, but part of her wanted to push to see how far she could take it. If she didn’t, she would regret it for the rest of her life. She would never have another chance to be alone in Alceo Russell’s dorm room again with him on his knees in front of her. Damn the consequences, she was going to do what she really wanted for once.
“So, you think you can beat me at this game?” Galynn raised an eyebrow and smirked. No, she didn’t think she could beat him at this game, but was she willing to take a chance? Why not?
He placed a hand on her leg. “Are you nervous yet?” Galynn could feel the heat from his hand scorching her leg through the sweatpants. She had to keep repeating to herself that she could do this. She could have lost right then, but she was going to push him as far as she could. Galynn shook her head no.

Who is this person? She thought to herself. Her actions became foreign as she spread her legs slightly.

Excerpt 3

His fingers danced along her lips as his mouth traveled to her neck. “Do you want it?” he whispered into her ear.
Galynn nodded, but it wasn’t enough. “I want to hear you say it.” His mouth captured the spot on her neck were her clavicle met the base of her neck, and her hips bucked.
“I want it,” she sighed into his neck.
Alceo slowly pushed his middle finger into her center. He could feel the puffy, swollen lips trying to pull his fingers in deeper. Galynn’s hips bucked again as he slid his finger deeper into her. He bit at her neck not caring if he would leave a mark. This girl was bunched sexuality, and someone needed to mark her.
The hand in her pants continued to dance until he couldn’t hold off any longer. He pushed two fingers deep into her eliciting cries of passion and moisture continued to coat his hand. His hands began to move faster as he heard her breath start to reach a fever pitch.
He lifted his head from her neck and watched as her emotions played plainly across her face. She was beet red, her mouth open, begging him not to stop. His thumb found her clit for the first time, and he pressed and rubbed it in furious circles. Her eyes shot open as she stared skyward.
Alceo’s mouth clamped down on her nipple, and he sunk his teeth into her flesh just as her inner walls were trying to milk his fingers for the seed that they couldn’t give her. He pulled his fingers from her body and shoved three as deep into her core as he could get them. He watched her face as she exploded on his hand, screaming and crying his name, her hand twisted in the back of his shirt.
Alceo watched Galynn’s body tense, her mouth hanging open as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Her eyes squeezed shut, and her body relaxed as her hand came to rest on the back of his head. He slipped his fingers from her pants and placed them in his mouth tasting her sweetness. He smiled as his tongue danced over her neck, a contented sigh escaping her lips.
He leaned up and looked at her face. He took in her crooked glasses; her tousled curls, her lashes lying firm against her cheeks as her eyes closed, and her skin flushed. Who knew someone could be so satisfied? He smiled at his handy work. He tried to get closer to her on the bed, but she turned to her side facing away from him.
He would have been upset but two seconds later; her breath fell into a deep rhythm. He continued to lick the sweetness from his fingers as his other arm wrapped around her.
Now what?

About the Author

Bianca Dean Bianca Dean, author of Quarterback Sneak and Wanna Play? is a native of New Jersey now living in NYC. Working on her PhD, Bianca loves good food, great movies and stimulating conversation. She's a huge sports fan, and can be found, during the appropriate season, screaming at the television, beer in hand, trying to make people that can't hear her run faster. In the off-season she can be spotted walking her dog or grabbing dinner with friends.

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