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Primal Hunger Guardians #3 
Release Date: January 14, 2015 
Paranormal Romance 252 pages 

Cursed since the day of his creation, Seth has struggled with his identity. While his sanity balances on a razor’s edge, it is only a matter of time before he succumbs to the evil inside him. When realization strikes that the fiery Kaitlyn belongs to him, he must not only battle his past but fight his desire to claim her or chance killing them both. Handed a dagger as a child, Kaitlyn O’Hara has slaughtered demons her entire life. It should come as no surprise that she is also destined to save a crazy vampire. When fate reveals her true identity, she must search her heart for the courage to move forward. Katie holds the key to help save humanity. With Seth’s dark side edging closer, he prays he can keep it together long enough to protect her through the challenges she must face. However, he could prove to be her biggest threat. He fights his desire to claim her. She battles to save him. Together they wage war to protect humanity. Who will survive?

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Guest Post

Hi and thanks for having me today! I am really excited to be releasing the third book in this series and I wanted to share one of my favorite scene. I hope you enjoy.

Seth turned to the other two men. “Leave us.”
“Seth?” Baal stepped closer to him. “What are you planning?”
“I wish to speak to my mate. Alone.”
Baal must have been satisfied with the answer since he and Diego vanished. Katie however? Her nerves began to fray.
“What exactly are you planning?” she asked.
“Your pretty head is swimming with questions.” He stepped closer. She backed away. He pressed forward until her back hit the stone wall. “Do you fear me now?”
“You lie. I can smell your fear. Do you think I’ll harm you?”
She refused to answer, mostly because she didn’t have one.
He placed his palms on either side of her head and caged her in. There was no place to go, and his erection pressed into her. Common sense said she should have cringed, instead heat flooded to her core. Why the hell was she aroused?
“You are aroused because I am your mate. It is the way of things, and there is no stopping what the gods have deemed as fate.” He ran his nose along her neck, and she shivered. The thought that he might bite her brought both excitement and desire.
“I won’t be taking your blood, because once I do, I will not have the willpower to stay away.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “I am not a man you wish to be tied to, but there is one thing I will ask of you.”
She licked her lips and stared into his eyes. “What?”
“I’m a sucker for pain. I need to know what I’m missing. What I will never have. I need your lips pressed against mine. I want to know the taste of you on my tongue.”
He was a sucker? Maybe, she was, as well. She cupped his cheeks and pulled him closer. Her mouth locked onto his. The hard muscle that pressed against her body was a stark contrast to the softness of his lips. She opened and allowed his tongue to sweep in. He tasted of hot cinnamon candy—her favorite—and she kissed him harder. His hands moved down her arms and came to rest on her hips. Her nipples tightened and pressed against her bra, and she wondered if his erection was as painful.
Katie swore the world had stopped, and there was nothing but them and the stolen moment they shared. Her body burned, but in a different way than she was used to. It ached for him, all of him, and she had to fight to keep from ripping off their clothes and begging him to take her.
Seth broke away and left her gasping for air. Her pulse raced, and her skin grew hypersensitive. What had he done to her? She studied him and took pleasure in noting his eyes gave everything away. He desired her as much as she did him.
“That was a mistake,” he declared.
“Was it?” She didn’t think so. Matter-of-fact, nothing in her life had ever felt more right. She fisted the front of his shirt and ached to tear it to shreds. “We may both die tomorrow. Hell, it could be five minutes from now. Why can’t we simply enjoy each other?”
Seth grabbed her hands, pushed them away then took three steps back. “We cannot consummate this relationship. To do so will bring us even closer together.”
He was going to leave her hot and bothered. Bastard!
She pushed off the wall, her Irish temper flaring. “You’re right, of course. We’ll get the book and move on.” She couldn’t help but look at him and grin. “Perhaps, that sexy demon will cool my lust.” Take that, you ass!
He showed no emotion, which pissed her off even more. She stormed to the pedestal. “May we both be damned.” Reaching for the book, she removed it from its resting place.
Nothing. All remained quiet. The world hadn't stopped, at least, as far as she knew.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at Seth and Katie.


The cell door opened, and a woman walked through. Seth picked up his head to study her and recognition hit. Katie. The redhead turned to look behind her. “Lock the door, and don’t come back until later.” The gate slammed shut, and they were left staring at each other. “Are you here to feed me?” he snarled. The need to have her gone pulsed through his veins. He would show her his darkest side if need be, though he hated like hell for this to be the way she would remember him. She tipped her head, and blue eyes flashed at him. “I’m here to save your sorry ass.” Her gaze narrowed, and she thrust her hands on her hips. “If you think you can fool me into leaving you, you’ve got another thing coming, mister.” She stepped closer. “How dare you! I need you to help me so I can set events in motion. If you want to drop out of the picture, you do it after you’ve meet your obligations.” “You’re as crazy as I am.” She raised her chin. “You bet your fucking ass I am. We make the perfect pair. Now, are you gonna play by my rules?” He let a slow smile curl upward, and his fangs dropped. “You should fear me, because once I get my hands on you, I will relish pinning you down while I take every last drop of your blood. Your body will be left here on the concrete floor to grow cold while I gain strength.” He laughed. “Do you really wish to unleash my thirst on the world?” The voices started chanting. Kill her. Kill her. One rose above the others and demanded silence then whispered, Lure her in. You can finally have what you desire. Yes, yes, he could, and for once, he had to agree. His hunger twisted his gut into a burning knot. He licked his lips. “Very well. Come closer, and I’ll let you save my sorry ass.” She took a hesitant step, and her fear slammed into him, causing saliva to fill his mouth. He remained still. He’d allow her to come to him then he would pounce. He’d have to be quick because he was sure this was all a trick, but maybe, he could use her to bargain his way out. Their gazes never left each other, and before he knew it, she was within reach. He grabbed her arm, swung her around and jerked her to his chest. His cock stiffened when her tight ass brushed against him. He pushed her hair aside and exposed the silky flesh of her neck. He wanted to sink in his fangs, but instead he kissed the soft skin. She moaned, which caused him to harden further. He suckled, taking care to bring the smaller vein closer to the surface, all while the dark one screamed in his head to hurt her. Seth managed to hang onto the small, thin scrap of sanity he had left and fight back. When he could stand it no longer, he pressed his fangs against her skin and let them slide into her vein. Sweet strawberries coated his tongue then the back of his throat. His gut rumbled as the nectar reached it, and his cock throbbed. He’d never tasted anything so intoxicating in his entire existence. Even the voices sighed in relief at finally being fed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her firm to him. His mind hardly registered the moans that escaped her as her body experienced orgasm. Her blood continued to flow, bringing strength to his weakened muscles. She struggled against his hold, but he pinned her in place, not wanting to give up her taste. It was better than the addicts he’d drunk from and much more preferable to the blade he’d substituted in its place. Realization smacked him as her heartbeat weakened and images of Vivian lying dead on the ground assaulted his memories, yet he still drank. Then something zinged through him, and his body tingled. He lost his grip, and Katie shoved herself away. She turned to face him, blue eyes glaring. Blood still trickled down her neck from the twin punctures, and he wiped his hand across his mouth. Then dawning hit. He’d tried to kill his mate.

About the Author 

As a child, Valerie would often get into trouble for peeking at her mother’s favorite TV show, Dark Shadows. She can still hear her mother saying. “It will give you nightmares.” She was right of course, but that did not stop Valerie from watching. As an adult, her love of the fanged creatures never waned. She would watch any vampire movie she could find. Being a true romantic, Valerie was thrilled when she discovered the genre of paranormal romance. Her first read was one of Lara Adrian’s, Midnight Breed Series and from there she was hooked. Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby and her two German shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers.
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